We'd like to send a big thank you to all of you who auditioned for City Youth Players' up-coming production.
Although, we'd like to, we are unable to accept everyone that auditioned into the dance call. If you were unsuccessful in making it to the next round of auditions, please keep working on your skills, come out to see the show and audition for one of our future productions. Each show has its own requirements in terms of what it needs from its cast members, so not getting into this show does not preclude you from getting into one of our shows in the future. Thanks again for auditioning and sincere best wishes to you all!

The dance call will take place at the same place as the audition ( in unit #3).
There are TWO separate dance calls on Saturday September 22nd.

Dance Call Participants: Please Read
  •  Please bring/come to the dance call with comfortable attire. Wear jazz shoes, if you have them. Bring a water bottle
  • Girls should have their hair off their faces.
  • Please send us a confirmation email to, IMMEDIATELY, confirming that you have seen this list and that you will be attending the dance call.

2:00 - 3:45

Edith B
Mindy B

Vanessa C

Emily C

Caitlyn C
Jamie D
Michelle F
Sierra F
Corey H
Emma K

Tal K
Rebecca K
Daniel K
Kendra L

Yves L
Sarah L

Shira L
Victoria M

Elizabeth M

Shanee M

Devon O
Raquel R

Blair R
Nikki S

Cali S
Mark S
Berkley S
Halle T
Cheryl W

4:00 - 5:45

Andrew B
Lori C
Olivia C
Amy F
Carine G
Emma G
Frances G

Dallas J
Graeme J
Jenna K

Mariana P
Jesse S
Amanda W
Devon Y
Dani Z

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